Sunday, November 03, 2013

The last 5 or so months

Here is a rundown of our comings and goings from the past 5 months or so:


We had our annual PinataFest back in May. We had it a week after Cinco de Mayo because last year was so cold.

Here is Julian sizing up the pineapple pinata

Here is Thomas getting ready to hit the cement mixer pinata

Of course some of the dads tried to hit the pinatas too.

A trip to the zoo

We had a fun trip to the Anchorage Zoo. The tigers were more active than they had been our previous visits

And we got to see the black bears walking around too

The brown bears had a bear fight

A Clamming Trip

We went on a clamming trip. The kids had fun digging in the sand. We also got to see some bald eagles.

A Glacier Hike

Adria's parents came up for a visit and one of the things that we did was to take a hike to a nearby Byron Glacier

Here are Isaiah and Julian in the parking lot

The boys had a great time throwing rocks in the stream.

Here are some pictures of the glacier

Other Stuff

We went to the state fair and had a fun time looking at the farm animals and riding some rollercoasters

The firefighters came to Julians's preschool to teach about fire safety and Isaiah got to come and look at the fire truck

The boys got a fake mustache

And Dona is getting bigger


  1. Hi Adria! I was sharing a pomegranate with my daughter today and thought of you. It was way back in college that you introduced me to pomegranates. I hope you are doing well and I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you! Love you! Amy (used to be Larsen)