Sunday, May 05, 2013

USS Anchorage

Adria took the boys to the tour of the USS Anchorage before it was commissioned. Here are some pictures from their adventure:

Here is Julian waiting in line. It seems that the organizers significantly underestimated the number of people who would be interested in going on the tour and the result was long lines - they waited in line for 4 hours before they got on the shuttle to the boat, and then for another 2 hours for the shuttle ride back to their car after the tour of the ship.

Here are the boys with their event programs.

Julian is elated to finally be on the shuttle on the way to the dock

Here are the boys in front of some of the chairs that were set up for the commissioning event the next day. That is the middle third of the ship in the background.

Here they are checking out a helicopter

Here are the boys in front of some moose antlers

Checking out the bunk area

Some of the equipment that they keep on board the ship. Yes that is a tank.

A propeller of the on-board hovercraft.

Here is Julian in one of the jeeps on board right before he figured out how to start the engine up. Turns out there is simply an "ON" switch that needs to be flipped. This caused a bit of a commotion in the crowd surrounding the jeep. A serviceman rushed to the scene and turned off the jeep but when Adria carried Julian out for the crowd to see, he got a standing ovation and was told that he could have a future in the military.

In the turret of the tank

Here is the boat

Here is a sailor looking out a porthole for a sense of the scale.

Here is a link to a virtual tour of the ship.