Sunday, March 31, 2013


Here are some picture from the last couple of months.

Here are the boys with a gingerbread train.

Here is a pre-Christmas family picture.

The boys had some fun dancing

We took the kids to Benihana's for birthday lunches for Isaiah and Julian.

Here are a bunch of pictures of Dona

Here is Isaiah with a building he made:

Here are the boys with a valentine they made

The boys went to an event at the train station where they got to meet a conductor and make paper trains

We went to the Fur Rondy parade:

And we went to see the snow sculptures:

We went sledding.

The boys had an Easter egg hunt with one of the neighbors from across the street hiding the eggs in our backyard

Some more pictures of Dona

We took a ride on the "Easter Train". The boys (and me) won prizes in the coloring contest and got to meet the Easter Bunny

Here are the boys dying Easter eggs


  1. Dona's hair seems darker than the boys--true? (Julian's seems to have the darkest hair of the boys--but maybe that's just pictures....)