Friday, May 11, 2012

Some more recent-ish stuff

Here are some more recent pictures, with recent meaning "taken sometime in 2012."

Random Winter-time Stuff
Adria wanted to ensure that this picture of me taking a nap with Isaiah laying next to me was posted

Here are some pictures with the boys in front of some snow sculptures (note: this picture was taken back in March, all of the snow has melted now)

Here are the boys at the model train show looking at Gordon and the express.

They were later joined by other like-minded kids who also brought step stools to stand on.

Cinco de Mayo
Adria made a bunch of piñatas for our yearly Cinco de Mayo party.

A strawberry

A robin's egg in a nest

A Hersey's Kiss filled with Hersey's kisses

A stegosaurus

Made of corrugated cardboard, these dice were for the adults to break apart

Because it was a windy 40-something day outside we didn't spend as much time outside as we had in previous years, but the kids still had fun hitting the piñata and eating the candy. Also we had dog that sometimes roams the neighborhood show up too.

Here is Thomas sizing up the piñata

Here is Isaiah after washing all of the candy off of his face

The Aftermath of the pinatas

End of Year Stuff for Thomas' Preschool
Thomas' preschool had an end of year barbecue and petting zoo. Isaiah liked the petting zoo the most, although Julian really liked riding the pony and playing at the playground

Thomas' class also sang some songs that they had learned in class. Throughout the year Thomas consistently told me that he didn't know the words to the songs that they sang in preschool, but it seemed like he knew the words pretty well during the performance.

Note: Any extreme shakiness is a result of Julian climbing on me during the video

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