Sunday, September 04, 2011

Summer 2k11 in Review

Here is what we were up to this summer:
Adria's Mom came up for a visit.

While she was up here we went to the library summer reading event kickoff. Thomas had fun playing with the bells and Isaiah and Julian had fun petting the dogs.

We also took a trip to the zoo.

Isaiah also had fun playing some basketball

The boys also got some matching jammies from Grandma Tingey

Grandma and Grandpa Tingey came up for a visit.
We visited a reindeer farm and got to feed some reindeer and a moose.

We also visited a transportation museum

We also went on a glacier cruise

After the cruise the boys ran through an underground tunnel before we got on a train ride back to Anchorage

When we were in Oregon we went on a short hike to Bridal Veil Falls

We also went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium with my parents

The boys had fun running around the Connie Hansen Garden

We also had fun playing at a park in Lincoln City

We also took a trip to see Munson Creek Falls

We also had a lot of fun in Cannon Beach

 We also went to the Portland Children's Museum (Thomas had a lot of fun playing with the water wheel)

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