Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Summer Activites

Over the summer Adria put together some brochures to show in greater detail how she and the boys spent the summer months. She has decided that she would like a link to them to be posted on the blog. So here they are (the pictures look better downloaded than they do on the web viewer)

Birthday Celebration (some of you are saying "The birthdays of Thomas and Isaiah aren't even close to each other, while that is true neither Thomas nor Isaiah seemed to mind not celebrating their birthday on their actual birthday)

Summer Activities

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Catching up

Here is a quick recap of our summer (in no particular chronological order):

Thomas and Isaiah both participated in the library's summer reading program. As rewards they got beach balls and some books from the library.

The boys liked playing outside in the yard. They also liked getting strawberries from our garden.

We also attended the state fair. The antique tractors were a favorite of Thomas. Isaiah liked the popcorn that he got.

We also attended an Alaska Baseball league baseball game. The boys seemed to like the popcorn and running around the bleachers more than they liked watching the baseball game.

Thomas and Isaiah tried out their musical skills in a variety of instruments:

As for Julian, he has gotten big and he likes to play.