Sunday, January 31, 2010

Everyone is home from the hospital

Thomas come home from the hospital yesterday. He seems to be in good spirits as long as his cars don't fall off the little table that we set up for him next to the couch (or as he calls it the "little bed"). He also has realized that he can bend at the hip so he has been sitting up a little bit.

Isaiah seems to like not having to compete with Thomas so much for toys

Julian seems to be taking all of this in stride


  1. I can't imagine dealing with everything all at once! Adorable children- I hope things start getting easier!

  2. Yikes! Your little family sure has had a rough time of it lately. What is it with big brothers and births -- our Jed threw himself down the stairs and broke his clavicle the day before Zoe was born. Eye roll. Not nearly as bad as your ordeal but seriously, could we pick a different week?
    Adria, you are a gem and should win best mom of the year award! Darling boys. Love you from afar - V