Sunday, January 31, 2010

Everyone is home from the hospital

Thomas come home from the hospital yesterday. He seems to be in good spirits as long as his cars don't fall off the little table that we set up for him next to the couch (or as he calls it the "little bed"). He also has realized that he can bend at the hip so he has been sitting up a little bit.

Isaiah seems to like not having to compete with Thomas so much for toys

Julian seems to be taking all of this in stride

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Month of Seven Days

Back in elementary school in class we once read a book titled A Month of Seven Days. The book takes its title from a feeling that the main character has that although the events of the book take place only the course of a mere seven days it felt like a month. I had a similar feeling as I was looking back at some pictures on our camera today. I said to myself "I took those pictures a week ago? I seems like a lot longer than that."

A week ago we had a newly born Julian.

And Thomas and Isaiah both liked to play with their new baby brother.

Then a wrinkle was added to things:

Yes, that is a picture of Thomas lying with his leg in traction. While he was running around the living room on Saturday afternoon, Thomas stepped on a pillow that had fallen off the couch, fell and somehow sustained a spiral fracture of his femur. Thomas will be in traction until Friday when he will get put into a cast for the next couple to several months.

The doctors and nurses say that he has been handling being in traction and not really being able to move better than most kids his age. I think part of this is that he is able to have the movie "Cars" on a near continual loop in his room. But he does have some cars that he can play with and a dry erase board that he can draw on as well, which he has seemed to like and Adria and I have been able to take turns at the hospital during all of his waking hours.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Introducing Julian

We had a memorable Martin Luther King Jr. Day as our third son was born before breakfast. Julian checked out at 7 lbs 12 oz and almost 21 inches long.

Thomas really likes Julian. Whenever they see each other Thomas points and says "new baby brother" and Thomas likes to hold Julian as well. I think that Isaiah is starting to warm up to the idea of having a little brother.