Thursday, September 03, 2009

Alaska State Fair 2009

I took the boys to the state fair this week, to take advantage of the last bit of summer weather. We saw more huge veggies (last week at the u-pick farm we bought a zuccini the size of a watermellon for a little more than a dollar, but I thought of making it into muffins before I thought of taking a picture of it)...

...cuddly animals (Thomas especially enjoyed the ones whose language he speaks)...

...and racing pigs.


  1. ADRIA! I love looking at your blog and seeing what you guys are up too!! Your boys are so adorable! I miss you! Remember when we use to send letters to each other in the mail? I think we should start doing that again!! :-) email me your address:! :-) Loves!

  2. So much fun!! I hope you enjoyed your last bit of summer. Heather says that they snow season has begun. She lives in North Pole now. =) Love ya! =)