Friday, May 29, 2009

2 Days in Sitka

I took a trip to Sitka for 2 days this week for work. I was able to spend some time seeing the sights. Because there are only 14 miles of road in the entire island I was able to give myself a walking tour of the island and see almost everything that doesn't charge admission. Here are some pictures I took from my walks around town and through the national park inside the city limits of Sitka.

Here is a statue of an Alaska pioneer in front of the Pioneer House

A view of Sitka from atop Castle Hill, which not only used to be the location of a Russian castle/fort, but was also where Russia formally ceded Alaska to American control.

St. Michael's Cathedral

A statue of Alexander Baranov, the first governor of Russian Alaska.

A view of some of the smaller islands around Sitka. I sat on a bench and watched 3 bald eagles fly around in the sky.

And I saw a bunch of totem poles.

I also ate at a restaurant that I had read about in an airline magazine article about Sitka. It was the first and likely only time such a thing will happen as I seldom find myself in cities that are profiled in airline magazines.

While it was a fun trip, it would have been better if Adria and the kids were able to come along. It is also good to be home.


  1. So, could you see Russia from there?

  2. Looks like a fun trip. What is it that you do for work? ( I can't remember )

  3. Garth works for USPS, and for me. You can't see Russia from Sitka, but, and I hate to appear on the side of the politician-who-shall-not-be-named, but there are places on the Aleutian islands (parts of Alaska that are not really close to Sitka, or Anchorage) from which Russian territory can be seen with the naked eye.