Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Fine Art of Shoveling Snow

Two Christmases ago Adria and I were walking through the store when we came across a child sized snow shovel. Adria thought that we should get it for Thomas. After some discussion we decided to wait and get it later because:
  1. We live in Alaska, there will always be another time to buy a snow shovel.
  2. Thomas couldn't walk and you need to be able to walk before you can shovel the driveway.
This year we decided that since Thomas could walk, he could help shovel snow. So before Christmas I took Thomas on a trip and we found a kid sized shovel for him. In the store, Thomas really liked the shovel. He didn't want to let it go for the cashier to ring it up. As we were leaving the store, we walked past a man who said to his daughter, "Look at that little boy. He has a shovel." I said to the man "It's time for him to start earning his keep". When we got home I hung the shovel in the garage. With all of the excitement surrounding Christmas we forgot to give it to Thomas as a Christmas present. After a light snowfall last month we decided that it was time for Thomas to start putting his shovel to good use. Thomas didn't seem like he was a fan of this idea.

1 comment:

  1. My children weren't fond of shoveling at the beginning, but today, they get it done so fast, cause they don't want ice building up around their cars. They're so funny.
    It's such a cute picture of Thomas and the shovel. Not going to be too much longer before he's using the shovel again..;)