Sunday, July 06, 2008

One Year

Over the past year, I have been placing some of the pictures of Thomas in a folder called "Baby Thomas". With Thomas turning 1 year old, I have decided that it is type to start a new folder for the pictures of Thomas that aren't associated with an event. Below is a slideshow of pictures of Thomas taken over the past year (in roughly chronological order):


  1. Wow! Time sure flies when your having fun! Your little guy is adorable!

  2. What a cute little guy!!! Isn't it amazing how time just flies by with kids?! It seems like just yesturday my daughter was smiling for the first time, and now she's talking!!
    By the way, I had totally forgotten about that night in Kent. Thanks for reminding me though, cause it was a blast! Scary at times... yes, but a blas none the less!! I think what kept me calm through the whole thing was your singing to Brittney Spears! :) That always seemed to lighted up the mood in scary situations! It didn't always get the boys to NOT ask us to dance, but it was worth the try!! Good times!