Thursday, June 05, 2008

Garden Fun

Thomas has been having fun exploring our garden.


  1. Hey Nicole,
    you have a cute family to blog about. This year is an experimental year for us in the garden, so we can find out what grows here! So far our strawberries are doing great, three of my 12 tomato plants I started inside are still alive, the corn looks like it will grow, peas are doing excellent even though the wind has blown the soil off most of them (they say peas grow exceptionally well in AK), cabbage (red and green) is supposed to be a promising crop (the fair records 30lb cabbages here) but I haven't seen any sprouting there yet- brussel sprouts, green onions and cucumbers are all tba. I don't have much hope for the squash honestly. I have an indoor herb garden that is doing ok, and so I have some expectations for the herbs I planted outside (rosemary, basil, chives, mint). Thats our crop!