Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Short Stay

Today a group of social workers, psychologists, family members, lawyers (not ours) and foster parents (us) held a meeting and decided that a therapeutic foster home would be best suited to address some of Sierrah's mental health needs. We wondered why that placement was not made earlier if everyone agreed that it was the best environment. We also were surprised to find out that everyone in the room except for us was previously aware of the extent her special issues. Regardless, we are happy that she will finally be receiving the kind of treatment that will make her life more stable. In order to help Russell adjust to the removal of his sister, he was placed in a home with two other foster boys his age. Their foster mother had been requesting another boy for some time already so it seems to be a very good match. Our house is suddenly very quiet! Thomas seems to be missing all the entertainment, but I learned a lot of tricks from the kids and am doing my best to keep him laughing. We were happy to have this exciting, albeit short experience and we learned a lot of useful things about parenting.


  1. I am sorry that they are gone already, but like you said, it seems like it will be better for them due to their special needs. I think that you probably provided the most loving home for them and they were blessed while in your care.

  2. We were looking forward to meeting Russell and Sierra. We're excited to you all in June!

  3. Weird how the system works...I bet it's frustrating. Good for the kids though to get help for their special needs. You guys are awesome to participate in fostering...I am sure you will bless many lives!