Sunday, April 27, 2008

Russian Orthodox Easter

Adria and I celebrated Russian Orthodox Easter today. This time I created the Easter egg hunt for Adria. She was able to find all 12 of the hidden eggs pretty quickly. The most difficult to find egg was taped to the underside of a drawer in our chest of drawers. Unfortunately I didn't use enough tape, and it had fallen into a lower drawer by the time that Adria started looking for the eggs. I think that if the egg hadn't fallen down, Adria would never have found it without resorting to playing "Hot/Cold"


  1. Sounds like fun :) Did Garth serve a mission in Russia?

  2. I am happy to know that you have a variety of cultural activities to expose your children to. People need to be more cultured!
    Miss you Adria. Thomas is so cute!