Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our Neighborhood Moose

We have known for a while that there are some moose that roam around our neighborhood. We have had moose droppings in our yard, a moose ate part of our tree while we were on vacation, and we have had to stop to let moose cross the street a couple of times near our neighborhood as well. But we had never actually seen a moose on our street until a couple of days ago when Adria saw a pair of moose on the hill across from our house.

The moose is on the right hand side of the clear patch of the hill, a little more than half way up. Here is a zoomed in picture

Then on Saturday morning, Adria looked out the window and saw the same pair of moose in the same spot so we went out to go look at them up close from the comfort our car.

One moose having a morning snack

The other moose is resting

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