Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Egg Hunt Editorial

This is Adria. First I want to say that the "door handle egg" and most of the other eggs were far more difficult to see than the camera lets on (something about camera flash reflecting off of silver wrapping paper differently than off of a metal door handle, etc). The door handle egg was definitely the least visible, and my personal favorite as well as being the last egg Garth stumbled onto. I had been developing this egg hunt in my mind for many a spare moment throughout the month (starting after I agreed to hide eggs in a totally empty white room) and Thomas and I enjoyed it probably about one zillion times more than Garth did, maybe for that reason. Finally, I just want to say that although it can only be loosely associated with Easter as a religious holiday, Easter egg hunting is awesome and who ever thought of it was brilliant. I am looking forward to Garth's retaliatory hunt designed for me on Orthodox Easter, sometime in April after Passover. That's all from me-shout out to everyone who keeps up with our blog!


  1. So were the treats/eggs hidden inside the hardware? If so, that is the absolute coolest thing ever! :) You must post pictures from the retaliatory egg hunt. :)

  2. No, after he found an egg, he could exchange it for a plastic one, inside of which would be a number of a prize (some for him and some for Thomas). Yes, pics forthcoming.