Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Festivities

Adria really likes to color eggs and to create crazy Easter egg hunts for me. This year was no exception.

Below are the eggs that we colored while Thomas took his mid-morning nap on Saturday

Here is a video of Adria discussing all of the eggs

Here is a close-up of the eggs that Adria was talking about on the video when the video stopped due to my memory card filling up. The egg has 2 Chinese characters which mean "luck".

This is the room in which Adria hid all of the Easter eggs. You may be asking yourself, "Where are all of the eggs?" Adria cut out egg shaped pieces of masking tape and I was to search those out to get the treats. The follow slideshow shows some of the locations that Adria found to hide eggs in an empty room, see if you can find all of the eggs:

One of the treats from the Easter egg hunt were matching ties for Thomas and I.


  1. Cool eggs!!! Ours turned out totally lame...they were supposed to be swirly colors but they didn't swirl. :) So Preston is now obsessed with that video of your eggs -- he's watched it like 50 times this morning. :)

    I hope Garth found all the eggs you hid... :)

  2. So the masking tape eggs now confirms that you are both nuts. All though, I think egg hunts are fun too...