Friday, March 28, 2008

Alaska News

Here are some articles from the Anchorage Daily News that Adria and I found interesting/entertaining:
  • Here is a recap of the inaugural Running of the Reindeer that occurred during Fur Rondy
  • During this past winter I have seen more cars flipped over on the sidewalk than I had seen in my entire life. This article titled "Airbone Ford hits parked cars" happened just down the road from our old apartment
  • While it may not be a white whale, scientists found a white killer whale in the Aleutian Islands
  • The line "Anchorage has an estimated 65,000 dog poop factories" in this article cracked me up
  • And here is an article about a state trooper whose car was almost hit by a moose who fell off a cliff. It also includes this little bit:

    As for Peterson, he's been a trooper for five years and has seen lots of things fall from cliffs while on patrol -- rocks, snow, mud, cars.

    Cars? Yes, cars: "I used to work in the Valley," he said, explanation enough.


  1. I think only alaskans will understand why "the valley" is explanation enough.

  2. I love reading about your Alaska adventures. It makes me want to move there. And then I remember I hate the dark and the cold winters. Thanks for keeping in touch--it's fun to see Thomas especially since he is only a day younger than Emily!

  3. Another resource for you: