Sunday, January 06, 2008

Holiday Travels

Adria, Thomas and I recently returned from a trip to Oregon for Christmas and New Years. We flew to Portland on Christmas Eve to spend some time with Adria's parents and siblings. Thomas also met his cousin Ethan for the first time, although Ethan was typically more interested in Thomas than vice versa.

Thomas and Ethan playing with each other

We stayed in Portland until after lunch on Christmas and we able to see a rare Portland White Christmas. We then drove to Lincoln City to spend time with my parents and two of my brothers.

Thomas liked going for walks on the beach, although he often fell asleep before we got back home

We also visited saw the shortest river in the world.

We also watched Oregon State defeated Maryland 21-14 in the Emerald Bowl. Thomas seemed to be pleased by the result.

We drove back to Portland on New Year's Eve to spend a couple more days with Adria's parents and siblings before flying back to Anchorage.Both sets of Grandparents were surprised how much more active Thomas was over the holidays than he was when we last visited in October, although Thomas waited until we returned home to show off his new trick of rolling from his tummy to his back.

Thomas then
Thomas now


  1. Thomas is getting so big! It looked like a fun Oregon Christmas!

  2. I'm proud to see Thomas in an outfit we got him & to see that he's using the snowsuit!

  3. Hey if I knew you were in Portland at Christmas I would have come over to see you. How are you doing?? It's so good to see pictures on your blog. My email is I would love you hear from you.