Saturday, November 24, 2007


On Black Friday Adria, Thomas and I went to the semi-finals of the Great Alaska Shootout. We got to see Butler vs. Virgina Tech in the first semi-final, and Texas Tech vs. Gonzaga in the second semi-final. It was the first time that he had attended a college basketball game since the Oregon State/Oregon game in March of 2005, (otherwise known as "The Immaculate Deflection Game") Here are some pictures from the Shootout:

During halftime of the Butler/Virgina Tech game members of the Underground Dance Company's (Alaska's premier hip-hop dance studio) Purple Intensity and Black Fusion troupes did a routine.

I think that I prefer watching frisbee dogs and kids jumping rope on pogo sticks during halftime, both of which were halftime staples at Oregon State.

Deron Washington (#13) had 14 points for Virgina Tech. He made a name for himself last season for jumping over Duke's Greg Paulus, and there are a lot of clips of him dunking on YouTube. His hair also reminded Adria of Joakim Noah.

Here are Adria and Thomas geared up for the games.

Here is the view from our seats. The arena was noticeably more full for the Gonzaga/Texas Tech game, as the Gonzaga fans didn't start showing up in mass until after halftime of the first game.

Here is Bobby Knight in the center of all of his assistants. He seemed pretty reserved most of the game as coaches go.

Thomas really enjoyed the games, even though he got tired towards the end of the second half of both games and fell asleep and missed the overtime of the first game and the last couple of minutes of the second.

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