Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Not So Tiny Thomas

Thomas had his 4-month checkup this afternoon. While Thomas didn't start off a very big baby, he has grown a lot recently. At his 2-month checkup he measured in the 60th percentile for length, but today at the 4-month checkup he was in the 95th percentile. His weight stayed in the 60th percentile and his head jumped up a little bit too.

Here are some recent pictures of Thomas. (As a side note, when Thomas wears his blue hat with his ears poking out, I think that he looks like a legendary hero from the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Also this past weekend we did a little bit of babysitting. We babysat Thomas' friend Kai so that Kai's parents could go on a date (this was payback for the night before when Kai's parent's watched Thomas so that we could go on a date and use a coupon that we had for a fancy restaurant in town). Here is a picture of Adria with Thomas and Kai.

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  1. Tag your it...see my blog for more details...are you ready for the winter weather? You little one sure is getting big...