Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Travels

Adria, Thomas and I just got back from some more travels. After coming back from Norman, Oklahoma I was in Anchorage for Columbus Day weekend (in which I posted about Thomas' quest to stuff his entire fist in his mouth), I had to make a quick trip to Denver for work. After going to Denver, I flew to Portland to meet Adria and Thomas who had flown to Portland ahead of me.

Thomas is helping me purchase plane tickets

After spending the night in Portland and lunch at the Western Culinary Institute, we drove to Corvallis to visit my parents. We had a nice time in Corvallis. Thomas got to see cows for the first time. We also enjoyed being able to eat fresh corn from my parent's garden. My parents (as well as Grandma and Grandpa Davis) enjoyed playing with Thomas, and seeing how much he has grown since we were last in Oregon over Labor Day.

Thomas playing with Grandma and Grandpa Tingey

While we were in Corvallis, Thomas and I had a fun time with Grandpa watching overtime of the LSU/Kentucky football game as well as the 4th quarter of Oregon State's victory over Cal, although Thomas was so tuckered out from the excitement of the final few minutes that he was asleep when the game finally ended. After the game, we drove back to Portland and spent the night at Adria's parent's house, and then I flew back to Norman, Oklahoma for another week long trip. Adria and Thomas spent the week in Portland with Grandma and Grandpa Davis. Adria and Thomas also were able to visit many of Adria's friends.

Grandpa Davis is showing Thomas a silly face

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