Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tiny Thomas

Thomas went in for his 2-month checkup this week. Besides getting his first shots, they also measured and weighed him. He was grown a lot since he was last officially weighed at his 2 week checkup. He was in the 60th percentile for weight (up from the 25th percentile at 2 weeks), the 80th percentile for length (up from the 60th percentile at 2 weeks, and his head remained in the 25th percentile.

Here are some recent pictures of Thomas:

Thomas also often tries to see how much of his fist he can get into his mouth. He comes close, but he just can't seem to get the last finger in.

Here is a video that Adria inadvertently took (she thought she was going to take a picture) of Thomas and I when we were still at the hospital to help show how much Thomas has grown.


  1. While he looks like a boy, he looks a lot like Lily did around the same age!

  2. I especially enjoyed the movie of Thomas in his bouncy chair. I miss both of you and look forward to seeing you at Christmas. Also I was wondering if Adria could make me a pair of warm boots for the up and coming Utah winter.