Thursday, September 27, 2007

Alaska in the Fall

Adria and I have been presently surprised with how nice fall in Alaska has been. We thought that the only seasons that they had were summer, winter and breakup. But the fall has been pleasant. We took a walk one evening to Cheney Lake and took some pictures of the foliage.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pictures of Thomas from the Hospital

At the hospital where Thomas was born there is a kiosk where you can take your child and get some pictures taken. They give each child 4 free pictures which is then printed out on photo paper with their birth date and vital statistics. We didn't really feel in the mood to do this before we took Thomas home from the hospital and we never felt like driving to the hospital just to take some pictures of Thomas, as we can do that from the comfort of our own home.

We finally got around to taking the pictures when we went to visit a friend (who also happens to be my Aunt Nancy's niece) who had just had a baby. We took Thomas to meet his newest friend and to take the pictures, which are below

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Killer Boots

Adria recently found an old disposable camera that she had started quite some time ago. She used it up by taking a lot of pictures of Thomas. Below are some pictures from the disposable camera:

Here is Thomas sitting in the stroller.

Here is Thomas in a bunting that he got from his Aunt Cathie.

And here is Thomas sucking on his lower lip.

And here is a video of Thomas in his bouncy seat in his warm boots.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Pictures From Our Trip To Oregon

Adria's brother Hayden took some pictures of Thomas while we were on our recent trip to Oregon. Here are some of the pictures that he took:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tiny Thomas

Thomas went in for his 2-month checkup this week. Besides getting his first shots, they also measured and weighed him. He was grown a lot since he was last officially weighed at his 2 week checkup. He was in the 60th percentile for weight (up from the 25th percentile at 2 weeks), the 80th percentile for length (up from the 60th percentile at 2 weeks, and his head remained in the 25th percentile.

Here are some recent pictures of Thomas:

Thomas also often tries to see how much of his fist he can get into his mouth. He comes close, but he just can't seem to get the last finger in.

Here is a video that Adria inadvertently took (she thought she was going to take a picture) of Thomas and I when we were still at the hospital to help show how much Thomas has grown.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Our Trip to Oregon

We recently got back from a Labor Day weekend trip to Oregon. In early August I found out that I would have a business trip to Oklahoma the week after Labor Day, so we decided to come down and visit our parents over the weekend and have Adria spend the week visiting her parents while I was in Oklahoma.

We flew down on the Friday before Labor Day to Portland where Adria's mother picked us up and drove us to Adria's parent's house to surprise Adria's dad as he didn't know that we coming down for a visit. He was surprised and excited when we brought in Thomas, he hadn't yet met Thomas as he didn't come up with Adria's mother to visit in July.

After a short visit, my brother Jeff picked us up and we drove down to Corvallis to spend a couple of days with my parents and siblings. Jeff was in town for a job interview in the area and to watch Oregon State open its football season (which turned out to be a 24-7 victory over Utah), and my brother Brad and family were in town on a vacation that they had been planning for months. With my brother James still living in the area, my sister Cathie was my only sibling who wasn't there (and as she is completing her residency in Boston it is hard for here to make quick trips across the country to Oregon).

On the way to my parent's home on Friday, we stopped by the hospital to visit my Dad. He has been having various health issues lately and has been in and out of the hospital since Easter. Thomas was worn out from traveling all day, so we only got a short visit before we left to go to my parents house. We came back to visit my dad on Saturday, and because Adria thought that the hospital was cold we bundled Thomas up in his custom-made beaver sleep sack. My dad's room was right next to the nurse's station on what was deemed "The OSU Floor". They liked the sleep sack and thought that it was "precious." After we got back from the hospital, my mom said that my dad was going to be coming home from the hospital later in the day.
Here are some pictures of Thomas in his sleep sack:

(Aside: While on the surface there may be some similarities to Ralphie Parker's pink bunny costume, remember that Thomas is a baby and not 10, and that a brown beaver costume isn't demeaning like a pink bunny suit is)

After coming back from the hospital Adria, Thomas and I went on a walk to have lunch at American Dream Pizza, our favorite pizza place in Corvallis (my brother's review of the place is here). After lunch we had a relaxing day at my parent's house. Brad's daughter Samantha was really nice to Thomas. She liked to help hold him and would run over to make sure that he was ok. She is going to be a good big sister to her upcoming brother.

On Sunday, we blessed Thomas at my parent's house because my dad wasn't feeling well enough to go to church. Adria's parents and youngest brother came down for the blessing. Below is a slide show of pictures taken at the blessing.

If you can't view the slide show, the pictures can be found here.

After the blessing we had a nice family dinner that had many of the fresh vegetables from my parent's garden, and then we went back up to Portland with Adria's parents to spend Labor Day in Portland.