Monday, July 23, 2007

More Than Meets the Eye

Saturday night when Adria's mother was visiting us, she took care of Thomas and allowed us to go on a date. We went to go see the Transformers movie. We both enjoyed the movie. However, it lacked the "I don't believe that just happened" factor that the original Transformers movie had, and the 1986 movie was full of those moments where you thought (and I still thought when I watched the movie again during the spring of 2000 for the first time in a long time, and when I watched it again recently) "I can't believe that just happened!" Among these moments were:
  1. They used Weird Al Yankovic's song "Dare To Be Stupid" as part of the soundtrack. This was an odd choice not only because Weird Al wasn't a pop success at that point in his career (and really wasn't until he recorded "White and Nerdy"), but also because the song didn't relate to anything that had happened to that point in the movie. This is easily the most bizarre 3 minute sequence of the movie.

  2. Optimus Prime dies in the first 30 minutes of the movie. One of my brothers told me this before I saw the movie and I was convinced that he was lying to me for quite some time. What other movie based on a TV show kills of the most popular character in the first 30 minutes? What were the chances that Mulder or Scully were going to die in the X-Files movie? Less that zero?

    As a side note, in 1987, one year after the release of Transformers: The Movie, another Hasboro toy-based movie was released in the form of GI-Joe: The Movie. In a scene that is eerily similar to the death of Optimus Prime, GI-Joe: The Movie has a scene where Duke slips into a coma after getting hit by one of Serpentor's snake spears that was meant for the heart of his half-brother Falcon. However, due to the massive shock that the death of Optimus Prime caused one year earlier, after Falcon has saved the day and destroyed Cobra-La, it is announced that Duke has come out of the coma.

Anyways, the new movie doesn't have anything that even remotely approaches the shock of those moments, nor does it have nearly the star-studded cast as the original (which among other things leads some to claim the original to be the better movie).

Anyways, so while we enjoyed the movie, it wasn't without its flaws. Here are my issues with the movie:
  • While I don't mind Megatron changing into a Cybertornian Jet instead of a pistol, or Bumblebee changing into a Camero instead of a Volkswagen Beatle, I couldn't believe that they had Devastator as a tank. Devastator was formed when 5 Decepticons merged (one of which was Bonecrusher). There are some claims that naming the tank Devastator was a mistake and that it should have been brawl, to which I say if you are going to spend $150 million and create some of the most complicated computer effects ever, how do you mess up something as simple as a name, when the only thing identify the Decepticon was a subtitle?
  • Optimus Prime showed off a sword when he battled Bonecrusher. Why didn't he pull that out during his fight with Megatron? Wouldn't that have helped him out?
  • No Dinobots. Who doesn't love to hear Grimlock say things like "Grimlock smash"?

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