Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gooses and Mooses

Adria and I recently went on a walk to Cheney Lake Park. I brought a camera along to take pictures of the ducks and other waterfowl that live on the lake.
Here is a slideshow of the pictures that we took.

On our walk home we were stopped by a man walking his dog who informed us that up on the path a little further was a moose. So we continued on the path and sure enough, the moose was right where the man with the dog said that it would be. Below is a slideshow of the moose eating dinner.

If you can't view the slideshows, the pictures of the geese can be found here and the pictures of the moose can be found here.


  1. No mooses ever charge? should you have been that close?

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    So I somehow stumbled across your blog (If I recall correctly my sister Kim's blog is linked to Nancy Worth's blog who's linked to Brad's who's linked to yours???? A little too 6-degrees of Kevin Bacon for me...

    Looks like your baby is going to be perfectly decked out in Beaver gear--the way it should be. I love the Beaver sleep sack!! I'm sure Adria could start selling them.