Friday, May 11, 2007

The Hoover Dam

While we were on our trip to Las Vegas for Adria's sister's wedding, Adria took an extra day and took a trip to the Hoover Dam. What follows are some pictures from our day trip:

Here is a picture of Adria overlooking Lake Mead from an overlook just outside of Boulder City.

Here I am in front of Lake Mead:

Presently Hoover Dam also carries traffic across it. However they are in the process of building a bridge that would reroute the traffic away from the dam. Here are some pictures of the under-construction bridge:

Here are some other pictures of Adria and me from the dam:

Here is a picture of a statue of a dam builder

Here is one of the "Winged Figures of The Republic", which are part of the dedication monument on the Nevada side of the dam.

Also on the dedication monument is a star chart that will allow future generations (or celesterial visitors a.k.a. aliens) to determine when the dam was dedicated based solely on the location and apparent magnitude of the stars on the dedication day, although based on the rather lengthy explanation of the methodology of how to read the star chart that also is part of the dedication monument, I think that it is unlikely that anyone will have the wherewithal to ascertain the dedication day from this star chart

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