Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Walk In Russian Jack Park

Adria and I got out a bit this afternoon and took a walk in the nearby Russian Jack Park. It is a nice park with lots of tall trees, and lots of places to walk. Plus it has a nice stream that runs through the middle of it.

We didn't see any other wildlife other than some birds and the dogs of joggers, but we did see several piles of moose poop.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Coolest Sleep Sack Ever Made

A while back, my sister said that a sleep sack would be a good thing for us to get for the baby. Adria decided that she could easily make a sleep sack, and she made a sleep sack that looks like a beaver.

Anyways, here is the sleep sack:

Here is a close up of the face.

Adria put a tail on the back.

And I really like the googly eyes. In an added feature, Adria put snaps on the back of the eyes so that the eyes can be taken off and the rest of the sleep sack put into the laundry.

Adria says that our baby won't have SIDS because it will not sleep inside the hood of the sleep sack. We got a little memory foam pillow made to prevent flat head syndrome that will cover the hood of the sleep sack, and foam wedges to keep the baby from rolling over and suffocating in his sleep. Adria is also considering adding arms that cover his hands so that he doesn't scratch his face.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Childbirth Class

Yesterday, Adria and I went to a class about labor and childbirth. It was the second class in a 4 class course. I missed the first class because I was in Oklahoma on a business trip (the same trip where I got a romper).

We learned about relaxation techniques that can be used during labor. While they were talking about breathing, I kept thinking about Bill Cosby's routine about natural child birth that was on his a tape of his greatest hits that we would listen to on car trips to Utah:

Baby Gear

Adria and I are starting to get things together for the baby. Adria made a baby blanket out of some old t-shirts that I had to help the baby know where his allegiances lie.

She also made him some little booties to keep his feet warm.

And I picked up a romper for him while I was in Oklahoma last week. It is for an 18-month old, but I figured that it would be good to pick it up because I am not sure when I am going to be in Oklahoma next time to get it.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Snowzilla Revisited

Adria and I swung by Snowzilla last night on our way to check out baby strollers. Snowzilla isn't looking too good these days:

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mooses, Polar Bears and 'Sheed

It snowed in Anchorage a couple of weeks ago. On my way to work in the snow, the traffic stopped. I thought that it was just the light up ahead turning red that caused the cars in front of me to stop. I was wrong, however because there was a moose crossing the road.

I have now seen moose 4 times on the way to work. On Thursday, I saw a moose walking down the sidewalk as if it were on its way to school. It was much like the opening credits of Northern Exposure. Then the next day I came around a corner and saw a moose standing on other side of the road nibbling on some branches. Adria has expressed jealosy because she has seen only one moose so far.

Here is what the mountains looked like after the snow ended.

I also had another business trip to Washington DC. This was a quick trip as I left early Tuesday morning and was back on Friday afternoon. As I have previously mentioned, there is quite a bit of taxidermy on display at the airport. Here is a picture of the polar bears that they have on display just past the security checkpoint:

Not long after I returned from my trip to Washington, the snow started to melt. However, this caused some icicles to form above our balcony.

The snow melt has continued, which has caused our balcony icicles to fall down. This snow melt has resulted in there being many large puddles of water along the roads. Because of this, almost every car in town is quite dirty at the present time. Towards the end of Rasheed Wallace's appearance on MTV Cribs, Rasheed said:

I keep all my cars dirty. 'Aint no reason to keep 'em clean out here in Portland cause it rains so much, soon as you get your car washed, it's gonna rain.

I am going to overide 'Sheed on this one, because even during the time in high school when I didn't get my car washed for almost a year, my car was never as dirty as it has been while in Anchorage.