Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Our Apartment

Adria has received a request to post some pictures of our apartment on the blog. So here goes:

Here is Adria in our eating nook with some enchiladas that she made.

Here is our piano being flanked by two bookcases

Here is our new futon that we purchased over the weekend.

Here is our kitchen

Our bedroom

And maybe most importantly, our washing and drying machines. It was much more difficult to find apartments with a washer and dryer in them than we expected coming from the Portland area (where they seem to be almost standard issue in apartments)

Not shown is the second bedroom as it is currently the place where we put things that we don't have a place for yet. Also you may have noticed that there isn't anything on the walls yet. We are still in the process of getting our pictures put on the walls and most of them are in the second bedroom lying around at the present time.

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