Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A Day Trip To Seattle

Note: I recently had some computer issues that caused me to rethink how I was preserving some pictures and other items on the hard drive of my laptop. After some thought, I decided to use this blog to record some events that happened before this space was created. However, many of these events occurred before I met Adria so she isn't likely to appear in these posts. You can look at all of these posts by clicking this link here.

I recently had some friends come up and visit me in Washington. After they arrived in Everett we drove down to Seattle and walked around and saw what there was to see (Adria and I would later see many of the same things when we were in Seattle on a business trip)

Here is a picture of me with a life-sized wooden pirate.

For some food we ate at a restaurant called "The Crab Pot". It was a fun place to eat. They take a giant bowl of seafood and dump it on the table in front of you. Then you got to eat the food with your hands.

We also visited Pike's Place Market and walked around for a while (although we didn't run across the Sasquatch)

We also found this giant totem pole near Pioneer Square.

We also took a ride around Puget Sound on a ferry. Here are some pic

While on the ferry, we also did a little bit of mullet hunting.

This also happened:

After the ferry trip we stopped by an old Soviet submarine:

After stopping by the submarine, we continued on our way and watched a Seattle Mariners game. Here are the view from our seats