Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Day In Seattle

On Saturday Adria and I and my co-workers with whom I am on this business trip went to Seattle and saw some of the sights. Our first stop was Pike Place Market where we walked around for a while. Adria was surprised that there was so much fresh produce available in February. Adria also enjoyed some honey sticks that we purchased at the market. Also at the market we stumbled upon a wood carving of a Sasquatch:

After walking around the market, we visited "The Pirate Store" as well as Ye Old Curiosity Shop. When I first told Adria about Ye Old Curiosity Shop and told her that the curiosities contained in the store included mummies and shrunken heads she didn't believe me (much like she didn't believe me at first when I told her that there where llamas living behind our apartment in Keizer). However, once she saw the shrunken heads, Adria thought that they were the best part of the trip to Seattle. Adria spent a lot of time looking at shrunken heads because Ye Old Curiosity Shop has the largest display of shrunken heads in the world.

After leaving Ye Old Curiosity Shop we swung by the Space Needle because my co-workers were desirous to see the most well-known building in Seattle. They, however were a bit disappointed as they had imagined it to be bigger than it really is (although when it was built it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River)

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