Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Trip To Salt Lake City

After packing things up in Portland, Adria and I flew to Salt Lake City. I went for a business trip. Adria came along to see some of her friends and family that live in the Salt Lake area.

We flew into Salt Lake on a Saturday evening, which probably is the best time to fly. Our flight had 25 people on it. It had been quite some time since the last time I had a flight where every passenger had a row to themselves.

Because I have had to go to work at night, it has left the day open for Adria and I do some things together. One day we went and visited Adria's alma mater. While we were there we visited the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum. Below are some of the exhibits that they have at the museum:

Here is Adria next to the Liger Shasta that in life was held at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. The placard next to the case made no mention of any special magical skills that Shasta may have had.

Here is me with a polar bear. Adria and I saw an article that mentioned that polar bears are being considered for addition to the U.S. endangered list because their habitat is melting due to global warming.
Here is Adria next to a moose. This, however isn't the largest moose that they have in the collection. They have a couple of moose heads that are even larger than the head on the moose that Adria is standing next to.
Here is a shot of what the museum calls "The Great Arc of the While Sheep"
Here is me standing next to a Grizzly bear.
After looking at the Grizzly bear, I turned the corner and walked right into the open jaws of a hippopotamus.
Here is Adria with a bunch of lions.

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