Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Packing Things Up in Portland

One of the side-effects of Portland's Sneaker Storm was that I came down with a terrible cold that caused me to miss 2 days of work. One top of missing work, Adria and I weren't able to attend the Blazers/Cavaliers game that I had purchased tickets for back in October.

At this same time, Adria and I were completing our preparations for our move to Alaska. On Friday, January 19th, a moving truck came to our storage unit and put the contents of our storage unit into crates and presently they are someplace between Portland and Alaska.

So presently Adria and I are living out of suitcases until we get to Alaska and get our stuff back. It won't be the first time that we have had to live out of a suitcase, but it will be nice to be settled and not be living in hotels anymore.

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