Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy New Year/Snowzilla

Here is a recap of some of the events in our lives of the final days of 2006 and the first few days of 2007:
  • Brad, Vanessa, Samantha and my dad came up to Portland and we had lunch and walked around downtown Portland and had a nice chat.
  • I got an unexpected day off on January 2 because of the death of Gerald Ford. When I joined the United States Postal Service I didn't realize that it was common upon the death of a former President to observe a National Day of Mourning, which means that as a federal employee, I got the day off of work. We spent the day at home getting ready for the shipment of our household goods to Alaska.
  • We also took a trip down to Lincoln City to spend some time with my parents. We had a pleasant time at the beach, although we were only there for a short while.
Also, Adria and I ran across an interesting story of a 22-foot (or 25-foot, depending who you believe) tall snowman in Anchorage dubbed "Snowzilla". Below is a picture of the giant snowman:

Snowzilla likely will still be standing when Adria and I get to Anchorage, so there will probably be more about Snowzilla in this space in the future.

(Update: Adria and I have since visited Snowzilla. Our encounter with the 2-story tall snowman can be found here)

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