Monday, December 04, 2006

Running Man

Much is being made of Derek Anderson's performance yesterday in rallying the Cleveland Browns to a 31-28 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, and how Derek came out of nowhere to do it. People who lived through the Derek Anderson Experience when he was at Oregon State know that DA has really big feet and a really strong arm. So to see him throw the ball well (to me at least) isn't much of a suprise. But him having a 33-yard scramble has to be one of the most amazing and improbable things to happen this NFL season. DA, of all the college football players that I have seen in my day, probably was the goofiest runner of them all. We were amazed everytime that DA would take off and run and get positive yards (although he once made collective jaw of the student section drop when he tried a spin move on one of his scrambles). This play isn't getting enough ink on how absolutely incredible it is.

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