Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays!!

For Christmas, Adria and I spent time with both sets of parents. Here are some the the highlights from the holiday festivities:

Christmas with the Tingeys
The Friday before Christmas we met up with my brother Jeff and we drove down as a group to Corvallis. My brother Brad had driven up with his wife and daughter from California. Brad's daughter Samantha turned out to be the biggest entertainment whenever she wasn't taking a nap. She was so entertaining that both James and Brad needed to take her picture at the exact same time.

On Christmas Eve, my parents hosted a small gathering of friends to celebrate the holidays.
Also on Christmas Eve, Jeff lost his holiday cheer when he found out it was Ryan Seacrest's birthday.

Christmas with the Davises
After my parent's Christmas Eve festives, Adria and I drove back to Portland and spent Christmas day with Adria's parents. We had nice relaxing day. Adria received The Muppet Christmas Carol, which she watched while we had French toast for brunch. Other than the Muppet DVD, Adria and I received many useful gifts that will help keep us warm when we move to Alaska. I tried to wear all of the clothes that I got at the same time, and the result of that trial is below:

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