Saturday, December 30, 2006

Go Beavs!!

First off, congrats to the Oregon State football team for their victory in the Sun Bowl. It was a nice way to finish off a successful season. Also, it makes me look pretty good saying that Riley shouldn't be fired when I wrote that back in September. Also it bumps Riley's record in bowl games to a sterling 3-0.

I will be among the first to say that this season turned out much better than I expected it to. My dad and I both thought that Cliff Kirpatrick was crazy when he thought that the Beavers (with the right bounces of the football) could win 10 games. We both thought that getting to the 7 wins that we needed to go to a bowl game would be a struggle. But this team found ways to hang on and win at the end against Washington, Arizona, USC, Oregon, and Hawaii.

Here are some personal highlights from the past season:
  • I was working swing shift on the night of the game against Eastern Washington. At some point in the night, I realized that the game had started. So I went to my computer and checked out the score and saw that we were 28-0. I figured the lead was safe and went back to learning about mail flow.
  • Adria and I listened to the Arizona game on the radio. Mike Parker's call on the radio of Sammie Stroughter's touchdown went like this, "Matt Moore back to pass... throws to Joe Newton, the pass is incomple--- caught, THE PASS IS CAUGHT BY SAMMIE STROUGHTER, THE 20, THE 10, TOUCHDOWN BEAVERS!"
  • Later in the same game, Mike Parker was explaining why he didn't have much of an idea of what was happening on the field with: "We are not in the press box, we are in a windowless room watching the game on a small TV monitor."
  • This video sums things up nicely:

    The night before the game, Adria and I were at a Halloween party and people were coming up to me to talk about the game and how it was the national broadcast on FSN, and I mentioned that I hoped that the Beavers came to play and didn't lay a stink bomb as they have in the past on national broadcasts. Turns out I was wrong. Another side note to this game is that I couldn't stand the announcers so I muted the TV and fired up the internet stream for 1190KEX so I could listen to Mike Parker call the game. What I hadn't expected was that the TV and the internet radio would be off by about 5 seconds or so. What this meant was with me watching the game and Adria in the kitchen, I would get excited about a play, and then Adria would have to wait 5 seconds to see what all the hullabaloo was about.
  • Adria and I went to the Arizona State game, and had remarkably dry seats for it as well.
  • I knew that I would be in St. George, Utah during the Civil War and wouldn't be able to track the game. So I told my buddy Justin to send me text message updates of the game periodically. So I get a message from him that reads simply "27-14", so I figured that the game was entering the 4th quarter, OSU was up my 13 and the victory was in hand. So I got out to dinner with Adria's family and don't think much more of the game. Justin sends me a text message "We win!" while I am on the way to the restaurant so I prepare to eat some duck for dinner. So an hour later Justin sends me another text message "Best game ive ever seen..Blocked fg to win on the last play!" which left me throughly confused on how we could go from being up 13 entering the 4th to needing a blocked field goal to win at the end.
  • Adria and I stayed up late (really late because we were in Washington D.C. at the time) to watch the Hawaii game.
  • I was tracking the Sun Bowl during work and was pretty depressed to see the Beavers close to 7 points in the 4th quarter just to see Missouri come right back and score a quick touchdown. After a while, figuring the game was over I clicked back just to see the final score, and I saw that not only was the game not over, but Missouri was getting ready to punt the football to OSU up 7 with 1 minute left. And then I saw them march down the field (or rather I saw lines on ESPN's gamecast that indicated their march) and get the tying touchdown. And then I saw it take a really long time for Serna to kick the extra point, and then all of a sudden it showed that the 2-point conversion was good. It was shades of the Washington game in '98 (except that the conversion was good this time around).

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