Sunday, December 03, 2006

Derailing the Colt Brennan Express

Congrats to Oregon State for beating the University of Hawaii (a.k.a. The Colt Brennan Express) in Hawaii. Adria and I stayed up to watch the game (which made for a late night because we watched in from our hotel room in Maryland and kickoff was at midnight in the Eastern time zone). It really was tremendous game. I never thought that I would see coach Riley have the guts to take a tactical safety. It was good to see the Beavers not roll over when things got difficult. Also due to Gerard Lawson's 100-yard kickoff return, I feel compelled to tell this story about Gerard Lawson and Brandon Powers:
I was sitting courtside at an Oregon State women's basketball game with some of my buddies(which was quite easy as during the last year of the Judy Spoelstra era, the Lady Beavers were drawing about as many fans as a high school basketball game, and this was even with $1 tickets), and a member of the events staff came up to us and asked if we wanted to participate in the halftime events for a chance to win a gift card at a local eatery. My buddy's friend from the dorms (Ricky) and I said "Sure" and we met the staffer at halftime for the game. One of the most popular halftime events at OSU (along with frisbee dogs, jump roping kids, and 8th graders having a basketball scrimmage) is a game where a team of two players tries to make as many baskets from various areas of the court as they can in a minute. Each area of the court are worth different points (a lay-up is worth 1 points, a free throw is worth 2, a 3-pointer is worth 10, and a half court shot is worth 25). It is a simple game, but really exciting. So they announce the first team of players who just happen to be Gerard Lawson and Brandon Powers. So they go out to the court and proceed to make just one lay-up, which I think was a new record for fewest points in this game. So Ricky and I go out to the court and Ricky (who played high school basketball) starts our round off by making a half court shot to win the game for us.
Congrats to the Beavers on a successful regular season. Hopefully the citizens of Beaver Nation will begin to cut coach Riley some slack (and will not jump on Sean Canfield if/when he has struggles next year). Matt Moore looked pretty good against Hawaii, he has gotten a lot better this season. His career at Oregon State has some similar parallels to the career of Derek Anderson. Both had high expectations at the beginning of their careers, both had a penchant for throwing interceptions, both took a lot of criticism for not being the quarterback who preceded them (with each of them being booed at home), but both got a lot better over the course of their senior season and ended the season absolutely on fire.

Let's hope that the Beavers keep it going in the Sun Bowl and complete one of the most successful seasons in school history

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