Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Turkey Lurkey

For Thanksgiving, Adria and I went to visit Adria's Grandfather in St. George, Utah. Adria flew down to Utah on the Tuesday before to visit some friends and I flew down Wednesday after work. We had a nice time in St. George. Adria's parents and siblings came down as some of here extended family.

On Black Friday, Adria and I went for a walk along the Virgin River. Adria especially likes the terrain around St. George just because it is so different to the terrain that exists in Oregon.
We also saw a rock (below) that looked like a soon-to-be-crashing-down-wave that Adria liked as well.

Also on Black Friday, as per tradition in Adria's family we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant called Panda Garden. I ordered duck in celebration of Oregon State's victory over the University of Oregon earlier in the day. (As a side note: Hopefully this season will keep the Riley-haters quiet for a while.) After dinner, Adria and I watched the movie "Monster House" and were both pleasantly surprised by how much we liked it.

On Saturday, we drove to Salt Lake and met up with my brother Jeff for dinner. After dinner we went to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square. Adria and I both enjoyed the display. It was the first time that I had been to it. Below are some pictures from the light and nativity display:

After viewing the display, Jeff took us to our hotel so that we could prepare for an early-morning flight to Washington D.C. the next morning.

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