Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oregon State 44, Arizona State 10

Adria and I went to the Oregon State/Arizona State football game on Saturday (the day after getting back from Oklahoma). This was Adria's first time attending a college football game. She attended the Oregon State/Oregon basketball game last March, which was also her first college basketball game. While we were walking to the game, one of the shuttles that takes fans to the stadium stopped and the driver offered us a ride to Reser Stadium. Once we got on the shuttle one of the riders (who was clearly jealous of our gear) said to his girlfriend, "Why don't we have stuff like that?" His girlfriend wasn't as impressed as the boyfriend was, as she just shrugged her shoulders. She probably hadn't seen some of the other goofy outfits that my friends and I have worn to previous games. For example:

By contrast, we were dressed far less goofily than at previous games. Here is us in our gear:

It turns out that it rained almost the entire time that Adria and I were in Oklahoma. The rain continued during most of the game, but we were lucky to have seats that were very dry. We were seated next to the club section of the stadium, which blocked almost all of the rain. I didn't realize how much it was raining until Adria and I got up to leave the game and we got wetter leaving the stadium than we did watching the football game. Plus our view of the game wasn't bad either, as seen below.
During halftime they held the ring ceremony for the 2006 NCAA Champion Baseball team.

As for the game itself, Oregon State rolled to a 44-10 victory. The outcome of the game was never really in doubt. It was nice to see that the Beavers didn't celebrate their victory over USC for so long that they didn't get ready for this game. What a difference a month makes. A month ago, there was rampant talk of Riley being shown the door along with Matt Moore being benched in order to begin the Sean Canfield era. Now, the Beavers are 6-3, ranked in the BCS, and there is talk that the Beavers could run the table and play in the Holiday Bowl.

It would be less than honest if I said that I saw this coming. After the Washington State game I was going to write a post that I was going to title either "When Moore is Less" or "When Less is Moore" that was going to detail the fact that up to that time in 3 games against non-cupcake teams (i.e. not Eastern Washington or Idaho), Matt Moore had led the team to one touchdown, and even that drive was aided by a fake punt. Further, even after the Eastern Washington game (which briefly made Oregon State the highest scoring team in college football), Matt Moore lead the time on only one long sustained drive. Luckily for me, I never got around to writing the post, mainly because I was working graveyard and was too tired when I wasn't at work to create critical arguments more complex than "Matt Moore isn't very good, therefore he should be benched".

Let's hope that the Beavers continue to keep working and hopefully they will be able to keep this momentum going on Saturday against UCLA.

After the game Adria and I drove back to Portland to see her brother Hayden in a play called "The Man Who Came to Dinner." Hayden did a good job in the play.

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