Monday, November 06, 2006

Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma

Adria and I recently returned from a trip to Oklahoma. I had a training class in Norman and Adria came along. We both had a nice time in the Sooner State. Here are some pictures/stories from the trip:

Here is a picture of Adria and me sitting in the airport. After spending so much time in airports over the past week, I wondered "Why don't more airports offer free wireless Internet?" Travelers would like it, and when flights are delayed there aren't too many other ways to kill a couple of hours in an airport that don't involve spending money. I think the answer comes down to $$$, the airports want it, and the Internet providers have it, which is why is seems that the larger the airport, the more likely you will have to pay for internet access.. Here is a list of which airports have wireless Internet, and which are free.

At nights after I was done with work, Adria and I would go for a walk around the hotel's fitness course. One night while we were walking we enjoyed this sunset:

Adria brought her sewing machine along with her to Oklahoma so that she could working on some projects while I was at work (yes, if you can fit your sewing machine into a piece of luggage you can bring it onto an airplane as a carry-on as long as you put the needles in you checked baggage. But the person on the x-ray machine at the Oklahoma City airport gave us an odd look when we said that there was a sewing machine inside of the suitcase). My co-workers got wind of this and asked Adria to help make some alterations to a pair of jeans that were going to be part of a Halloween costume for my co-worker Joe, who had decided to be a hippie. Adria gave the pants decidedly more flair than they had when they were purchased (as you can tell from the picture to the right). A bunch of my co-workers got dressed up in costumes and went out on the town. A picture of them is below (if you look to the left of the picture, you can see the workers at the hotel registration laughing):
The costumes in the group included Catwoman, an afroed hippie, Mario, a dread locked hippie, the Invisible Woman, Wonder Woman's cousin, Raphael the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, a pirate, a spider-woman, Rainbow Brite, a hunter, a cowboy, 2 nurses, an angel, and Harry Potter.

One night, Adria and I took a shuttle from the hotel to Oklahoma City. There we visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial. This Memorial is necessarily a sad place, but they did a very nice job with the Memorial. After visiting the Memorial, we took a short bus tour of downtown Oklahoma City. After the bus tour, we walked around downtown and bit. We saw Toby Keith's restaurant, which has a video screen on the outside that shows clips from Toby's music videos.

About two blocks from Toby Keith's restaurant, we found a paper mache buffalo

Other highlights from the trip:
  • While sitting in the Oklahoma City airport waiting for our plane, we heard the song from Napoleon Dynamite that was in the background when the Helping Hands Club performed early in the movie ("They say love, it is a river...")
  • While we were waiting to be picked up at the airport, Adria and I were standing on the curb outside of the baggage claim, Adria and I were chatting and watching the cars go by. Then Adria says to me, "Look" and she pointed at the gray car to the right which contained 3 guys in Spiderman masks. While this was kind of scary at first, I chased after the car for a little bit and was able to snap this picture of the car on my cell phone. Adria wants everyone to know that this actually happened and that these pictures weren't doctored. Below is a magnification of the car driven by Spiderman:

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