Friday, October 06, 2006

Mid-Autumn Festival

Adria has finished the quilt that she has been working on. My mom lent us one of her quilting frames which was super helpful. I think that the major influence on this quilt is obvious. Below is a picture of the quilt while it was in construction:

And here is a picture of me using the quilt to keep warm:

Also, the Portland Marathon was last weekend. The finish line (as well as the start) of the marathon was just outside of the run was just outside of our apartment. This was both good and bad. It was interesting to see all the runners walking around in Mylar blankets during the post-run cool down period. So that was the good. The bad thing was that the marathon started at 7am and the registration started about 6am. During registration a race official was on the loudspeaker reminding the entrants where to stand and mentioning that it hasn't rained on the Portland marathon since 1984 (this fact was always met with much cheering from the runners). All of this, mind you, was happening at 6:30am. Needless to say we found it difficult to sleep through.

Recently Adria and I went to the Portland Rose Garden. We managed to get there while many of the roses were still in bloom. Adria wanted to make sure that I shared some of the pictures of the pretty flowers on the blog, so here they are:

Work is going fine. I am just finished up the last week of my stint working on graveyard. After working on graveyard for the past month I have come to the following conclusion: In Utopian societies nobody works graveyard (you could even make the case that in a Utopian society people seldom work, much less work past dark).

Adria has also been busy with work. Besides putting together her agencies annual health fair, Adria also just finished a report titled "Culturally Specific Populations Emergency Communications Project Report". The report was part of a project to create plans to help non-English speakers in the Portland area prepare for emergencies. A large part of the report was the analysis of 500 surveys that members of the Asian community filled out to determine how would be the best methods of distributing information about potential emergencies (i.e. the bird flu), and their current emergency preparedness (i.e. do they have a 72-hour kit). Adria's boss was quite pleased with how the report ended up, which made Adria feel that all of the stress that went into the report was worth it, as this report ended up being twice as long as any report that she wrote in college.

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