Friday, October 13, 2006

The Greek Festival and Bald Hill

On October 7th, Adria and I went to the Portland Greek Festival along with Adria's mother and Adria's younger brothers Hayden and Ty. Adria's mom wanted to go to find some genealogical information about the grandparent's of Adria's dad (as they were married at the Greek Orthodox church in Portland).
Here are some pictures from the event:

At the Greek Festival to buy anything you need to exchange your U.S. currency for the currency of the Greek Festival. In my hand is a pile of "talents" that we used to buy some Loukoumades, Baklava, and Gyros. I will leave the detailed food reviews to my brother Jeff, but I will say that the food was good and well worth the trek to the east side of Portland.

There was some dancing by youths of Greek descent that we enjoyed while we were eating our food.

After finishing her previous quilt, Adria has found other sewing projects. She has been working on sewing herself a new dress and she has completed a baby blanket for the baby shower of a friend from church. Below is what the blanket looks like. In the picture on the left, Adria is happy because the blanket is so cute and cuddly. In the picture on the right, Adria is sad because she has to give the blanket away.

Being a federal employee, I didn't have to work on Columbus Day. Adria and I went to visit my parents in Corvallis for part of the long weekend. We hiked to the top of Bald Hill with my dad and had a pleasant lunch at the top. We really enjoyed being able to get out of downtown Portland and spend some time in nature. We also enjoyed the view from the top.

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