Monday, October 16, 2006

The Fruit Loop

This past weekend Adria and I decided to go see the Hood River County Fruit Loop. Here are some pictures from the excursion:

On the way to the Fruit Loop, we stopped at Bonneville Dam and we decided to stop by for a spell.
Here is Adria standing next to one of the dam's original turbines.

Here are the fish ladders that allow the migrating fish to get past the dam. Unfortunately we visited the dam after the most of the fish had already swam upstream as the biggest month for fish migration is September. We did see some fish go past the fish ladders which was exciting. We spent quite some time looking for fish at the fish ladders from both the top and from the side view (there is a fish camera that you can view online). The fish ladders also seem to be a popular spot for sea lions to eat the fish. However, those days may be numbered as their is a movement to allow the hunting of a limited number of sea lions in an effort to protect the salmon After looking at the exhibits in the visitor's center we were back on the way.
Driving along the Fruit Loop is really nice because you have wonderful views of Mount Hood. It is nice to see Mount Hood up close because it seems so far away when you see it from downtown Portland. Here are some pictures of Mount Hood that I took:

One of the fruit farms that we stopped at was Rasmussen Farms. This farm had a lot of activities besides just buying apples, pears and whatnot. It had a corn-maze and a place called Pumpkin Funland. Adria enjoyed it so much she begged me to take a bunch of pictures of it:

Here is Adria with the pumpkin Jackson Five

Here is a pumpkin warrior.

Here are some pumpkin children having a sack race

I don't know why Harry Potter is wearing a dress, but there he is.

This two pumpkins are going on a date. What I couldn't get in the shot is that the girl pumpkin's father is sitting in a chair with his dog in the same room as the kiddies.

After leaving Pumkin Funland, we stopped by another farm that had some farm animals. Adria found thought that the three little pigs sleeping were cute:
This same farm had some sheep that you could feed. So we purchased a small bag of feed and Adria started to feed them. The sheep rushed towards her once they realized that she had food. I thought that some of the sheep would get their heads stuck in the fence, especially this sheep with his big horns. It was much different than the times that Adria and I would feed llamas when we lived in Keizer. With the llamas we often would have to throw food at them to coax them to come over.

Here are some pictures of the sheep's feeding frenzy:

On the way home we enjoyed the sunset while listening the the Beaver's victory over the Huskies on the radio. I was pleased that the Beavers put forth a good effort win in Seattle for the 3rd year in a row. I am also pleased to see that Sammie Stroughter starting to be the player that I always knew he could be after I returned 6 punts for touchdowns in a game against Portland State in NCAA Football 2006 last summer (as a side note, Sammie placed 4th in the Heisman voting that year before going pro, losing to Oregon State's freshman quarterback Ron Mexico who would eventually lead Oregon State to a 48-0 record as a starter, 4 National Championships, win 4 Heisman Trophies and shatter every collegiate passing record).

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