Friday, September 22, 2006

The Swift Named Stromile

Inside the chimney of Chapman Elementary School in northwest Portland resides the largest known swift roost in the world. Every night during September at dusk, the swifts come back to roost in the chimney before they continue their migration to Central America and Venezuela. There are often so many swifts flying around that is seems like a scene from The Birds. Adria and I went and saw the swifts with some friends from church and we liked it so much that we went again with Adria's younger brothers and Adria's friend Karina. Below are some pictures that we took to document the event:
The bird that you see on top of the chimney in these pictures is a predatory bird. A couple of them seem to show up every night to try to get dinner. On this particular night, this bird sat on the enterance of the chimney for quite a while waiting for dinner to come to him.
Here is some video that I took as well:

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