Monday, September 18, 2006

The Seagull Shawn Kemp

Adria's center had a health fair the Saturday after Labor Day. The health fair provides members of the Asian community an opportunity to have free medical screenings. The fair was a big success. The Portland Chinese Times did an article about it. You can read about it here if you can read Chinese or just look at the pictures if you can't.

Adria has also been keeping busy working on a quilt. She found a pattern on the Internet called "Ditzy Donut Dots" that she liked and has been making a quilt based on the Oregon State "O". Adria is working on tying the quilt right now. When the quilt is all finished I will post a picture of it in this space, but it looks like it will be a fun quilt when it is completed.

We also went to Cape Kiwanda over the weekend as part of a church activity. We had a fun time walking around on the beach at exploring around the cape. Here are some pictures from the trip:

After eating lunch, I climbed up this sand dune. About halfway up I realized that it was a lot bigger than I thought at first. Adria was smart and didn't try to climb it with me. Adria climbed the smaller dune to the left and I met her after I climbed to the top (and then had a long rest because I was tired)

On the backside of the giant sand dune, Adria and I sat down and watched the waves for a bit. Here are two areas that we found interesting

Here is a picture of Adria with Cape Kiwanda's Cannon Beach-esque Haystack Rock in the background

Here is a picture of us.

After we were done exploring we had some fire roasted hot dogs. Adria accidentally dropped a hot dog bun in the sand, so I fed it to the seagulls. I found a seagull that had the amazing ability to catch the pieces of bun that I threw in its mouth. Sometimes this seagull would even jump over other seagulls to catch my bread crumbs. Seeing this akin to watching Shawn Kemp in his prime. At least it was until other seagulls got jealous of the seagull version of Shawn Kemp and started biting him.

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