Wednesday, September 06, 2006

City Living

Many of Adria's friends have asked her for recipes and Adria decided that the easiest way to give them the information would be to create a blog with some of the recipes that she cooks. The blog is called: Adria's Recipes and there are links to it in the sidebar. Also, if you visit the blog you may think that the drawings were done by a five-year-old. However, when I drew those pictures I didn't think that Adria would post them on the Internet.

Since the last post, Adria and I have done a couple of blog-worthy things. We participated in a wellness walk sponsored by the African American Health Coalition. Adria heard about this event at a meeting for work and we decided that it was something that we should support. Tom Potter, the mayor of Portland also attended. Before the walk, one of the teachers at the coalition's wellness house led the participants in some streching and he thanked all of the "white folks" for supporting the event. I was surprised by how many people showed up. There were even police escorts that blocked traffic so that the walkers could safely cross the street. There even was a section of the walk where we walked down the middle of Martin Luther King Blvd.

After the wellness walk, Adria and I drove to Cannon Beach to spend time with Adria's Grandpa who was up from Utah. We had a pleasant time with her Grandpa (as well as her parents and siblings) at the beach. The weather was very nice, and we were able to have some fun on the beach.

We also went down to Corvallis for a weekend to go to the wedding of two of my college classmates. Both seemed genuinely happy to be married, which was good to see. We are both happy that we were married and it is good to see our friends with a similar joy in their lives. Also while we were in Corvallis we were able to spend some time with my parents, which was nice. We hadn't seen them since before we went to Washington D.C.

Also, on the day before Labor Day while we were taking a nap, we were awoken by a demonstration that marched down the street next to our apartment building. The demonstration was "calling for rights and respect for immigrant workers and all workers." The demonstrators where chanting in Spanish which made it hard for us to understand what they were demonstrating against, although Adria thinks that they were chanting "Unity" (initally I thought they were saying "Beat L.A.")

Work is going fine. I recently started working graveyard to see what mail processing steps occur at night. So far working graveyard hasn't been too bad, but in a couple of weeks, I should have a more informed opinon on starting work at midnight.

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