Saturday, July 29, 2006

Washington D.C., Portland and Points In-between

I had this post tenatively titled "Leaving Washington D.C. or Why I hate United Airlines", but more things than that have happened since our last post.
So, first things first....

Leaving Washington D.C.
Before we left Washington D.C., Adria was able to get a tour of the US Capitol through the office of Senator Gordon Smith. Here are some pictures from the Capitol tour that Adria took:
Here is the inside of the Capitol rotundra.
Here is the base of the rotundra
Here is a hallway inside the Capitol

Here is a statue of Brigham Young that is in the Statuary Hall Collection in the Capitol. Every state has two statues there. Utah chose Brigham Young and Philo Farnsworth.

Adria enjoyed the tour and was able to meet Senator Smith. Adria said that Senator Smith was very personable, which is a stark contrast to the stories that my scoutmaster told of when they (my scoutmaster and Senator Smith) were in grade school together. Every story centered around Senator Smith causing trouble and then pinning the blame on my scoutmaster. (As a side note, did you know that there is a Psychic Barber in the UK who also has the name of Gordon Smith? I didn't either.)

Here are some pictures of our trip that didn't make it into the first Washington D.C. blog entry:

Here is a picture of the Washington D.C. Chinatown. Adria really liked being there, she said that she felt at home once she stepped off the bus into Chinatown. She was really excited that she was able to purchase some lychee, chopsticks and a tiny happy Buddha for Garth. Below is a picture of the happy Buddha.

I really like this picture of the Capitol. I think that it has an interpretive story to tell.
Here is the Supreme Court building. It is undergoing some renovation/restoration right now
Here is the Jefferson Memorial.
Here is the outside of the Capital. I really liked the architecture of the Capital.
Here is the outside of the Library of Congress.

Why I hate United Airlines
My flight back to Portland was supposed to be a simple flight from Dulles to PDX with a stop in Denver. The flight from Portland to Denver was nothing if not non-descript, which I think should be the goal of the airlines. We land in Denver and allow the passengers who are either stopping in Denver or catching a connecting flight to get off, and most of the passengers on the 737-300 got off, which made me think that the flight to Portland would not have every seat taken like the flight from Dulles was. However, this was not to be as we were soon told that we needed to vacate the plane because the plane was going to Dallas (which didn't please the passengers who were planning on going to PDX). So we get off the plane and are told that we will be on the next flight to Portland...which happened to be in 3 hours. So I got some food, watched some of Napoleon Dynamite, made some phone calls and walked around a bit (my impression of the Denver airport: It is a lot like the Salt Lake Airport, which means I wasn't overly impressed with it). As I was in line to board the flight, I ended up behind some other people who were also attempting to go to Portland from Dulles via Denver. A couple of those travelers had left Dulles the previous day and still hadn't been able to get to Portland. At least our experiences flying weren't as bad as this passenger's.

Living in Portland
Adria and I are now settled in Portland, where we will be until New Years. We have a nice apartment downtown and are enjoying not having to drive nearly as much as we did when we lived in Keizer. People even seem to even think that we are natives as we commonly get asked for directions while we are on our walks about downtown (Adria bristles when I say that she is not a native Portlander, although she claims Cedar Mill as her hometown when speaking with Oregonians) . I think the fact that I wear sandals, regardless of what I am wearing from the ankles up (kind of like Shawn Bradley on the cover of his biography, except he is wearing white hi-tops and not sandals) makes people think that I actually know where things are downtown. I am enjoying my job with the United States Postal Service and Adria has been able to get her get her old job back (she resigned from the Asian Health and Service Center because we thought that we would be leaving the Rose City), although she is now only working part time. I suppose that Adria continuing to work at the Asian Health and Service Center will lead to more pictures of her in the Asian Reporter and the Portland Chinese Times.

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