Monday, July 03, 2006

The Homeless Report

First and foremost, congrats to the OSU Baseball team and their national championship.

Previously, I mentioned that I was in the Portland Chinese Times. Here is the web-version of the story. It is of note however that the picture of Adria and I that is in the on-line version is not the picture that ran in the print version of the paper.

This past week Adria and I busied otherselves with getting ready to move. Contary to previous reports, after the two-week training in Washington D.C., I will not be training in Seattle, but I will be training in Portland. Once we got everything moved into the van, we put it in storage and we are presently offically homeless. Adria really liked our moving van because the U-Haul van that we got had a picture of an alien on it. Here is a picture of what our van looked like:
In between packing, on Wednesday we went to a Salem-Keizer Volcanoes game. We used the tickets that Adria got me for my birthday. We got box seats (since this was a minor league game, box seats are reasonably priced), and had a fun time at the ballpark. It was a very pleasent diversion from a long day of packing boxes. A performing group called "The Spitball Gang" was at the game. Although I had never heard of them, apparently "The Spitball Gang" is known all the way from Portland to Trenton. And no, Gaylord Perry was not involved. Other notes from the game:
  • I was quite worried when I heard the name of Boise's (the Volcanoes opponent) leader batter because he had a name very similar to a player on my fantasy team and I was mortified that my player had for some reason been demoted to Class A ball without me knowing. I was very happy once I learned that the batter's last name was "Camp" and not "Kemp" and that Boise is an affiliate of the Chicago Cubs and not of the Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Had we gone to the game a night earlier (Tuesday), we would have seen the professional debut of Jeff Samardjiza. Samardzija didn't fare well as he gave up 2 runs in 2 innings. Also on the quasi-famous players front, Jeremy Papelbon, the little brother of Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan, pitched 3 innings of one hit ball the night before that (Monday).
  • I wore my Boston Red Sox hat to the game, and a member of Red Sox Nation came up to us and said "Go Sox!" Two innings later, this same individual caught a foul ball.
  • The Volcanoes won.
Here are some pictures from the game:

The Spitball Gang in action

The view from our seats

A report of our 4th of July festivities will be forth coming.

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